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Accounting Services:


We record the financial transactions from source documents, in the entity’s accounting system. Best practices for bookkeeping are to enter the transactions as they occur, however at a minimum, this process should be conducted weekly.

In addition to recording transaction, bookkeeping also involves reconciling bank financial statements, tracking activities, preparing system generated financial reports, and supplying information to the accountant or CPA.


Using your company’s financial information already recorded, we prepare the financial statements of the business, without providing any assurances or auditing services.  These statements will be accompanied with a statement, or report stating clearly that the financial statements are the representations of the company’s management, and have not been reviewed or audited. Hence the accountant does not provide an opinion on the financials presented.

Management Accounts

On a monthly basis, we can prepare your  financial statements, comprising of the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements, for management and other external parties.

Payroll Preparation

Using time records provided to calculate pay, we ensure correct deductions are filed with the relevant collection agencies. Also we aid with handling direct deposits, where available to employees’ bank accounts.

Advisory Services:

Financial Projections

The financial projection is a concise financial model, which helps in the determination and planning of the requirements of working capital, for the success of the business operations. The projection is one of the essential inputs utilized in the preparation of Strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threat analysis.

Business Plans

We can assist with a new business plan or undate an existing plan. A business plan goes beyond the balance sheet and is used to help manage an organization by stating ambitions, how they will be achieved, and providing a timeline. The plan will also help summarize what the business is about, why it exists, and where it will get to. Your business plan will serve as a key point of reference for all including third party interests on the company’s management and to gauge progress against objectives.

Annual Budgets

In order to plan the upcoming new year, a company uses an annual budget to assist management with discretionary spending, to manage its allotted funds.  The budget can be based on the fiscal year or on a calendar year. Annual budgets extend not only on the income and expenses of the company, but also to other line items such as the company’s working capital, capital spending, debt management, and equity.

Providing Financial Solutions:

Loan Proposals for Mortgages

Loan Restructuring

Negotiator for Loan Requests

Mortgage Broker

We are ready to act as a Loan Broker. To arrange, negotiate, and solicit loans, on behalf of individuals and businesses.

Businesses will experience adverse economic times at some point throughout its existence, and will require access to providers of finance, unless the business has a strong cash balance. The process involves applying for finance lines to support working capital, restructure debt and obtain funds to upscale the business can be arduous.  A significant amount of time will be required to communicate with the financier and other person to obtain needed funds.  The time of the business owner is very limited and primarily dedicated to growing the business.  The use of a business professional to prepare the documents and represent the business owner to obtain the line of finance will alleviate pressure and DS Business Consulting is ready to act as a Loan Broker to arrange, negotiates, and solicits loans on behalf of individuals and businesses.